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Are you looking to buy CBD oil in Ireland? Irish Gold CBD operates an online store where you may purchase CBD oil items. We sell various CBD oil goods, including CBD edibles, skincare items, concentrates, and CBD E-Liquids, among other things. In addition, we supply the highest-quality CBD Oils from leading manufacturers. CBD vape oils, CBD tinctures, and other CBD products can also be found on the market. Although Irish Gold CBD is situated in Ireland, we export our CBD oil products all over the world! All Irish Gold CBD products are available for purchase online and can be shipped anywhere in the world at competitive pricing. We feel that CBD oil can be used as a supplement to help us stay healthy.

Quality Products in Your Hands

Our CBD oil products are sourced from hemp fields in Ireland that are growing CBD. The CBD extracted from the hemp plant in these plots is obtained through the use of a supercritical CO2 extraction process.

We have mastered the art of CBD extraction through years of expertise, and we have developed the best procedure for ensuring that all CBD oil products are consistent and of superior quality.

What Can CBD Do To Assist You?


Stress is something that we all feel on a regular basis. However, maintaining a regular CBD habit might assist you in remaining calm as the day becomes hectic.

Effortless Relief and Recovery

Pain, stiffness, and soreness in your muscles and joints can result from prolonged hard work and exercise. CBD collaborates with your body to aid in the recuperation process following your most difficult days.


A good night’s sleep helps you stay focused and in peak running condition. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is made easier with the help of CBD and melatonin.


According to a review of studies published in the journal Neurotherapeutics in 2015, cannabidiol (CBD) has potential in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

According to the researchers, CBD revealed powerful anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) benefits in the animal study, but with counterintuitive outcomes, even though the findings were counterintuitive.

Some anxiety symptoms were alleviated in a few studies with low CBD doses (10 milligrams per kilogram, or mg/kg) of the cannabis compound. Higher doses (100 mg/kg or more) had little or no effect on the animals.

The fact that CBD has an effect on the brain could explain a portion of this response. When administered at modest dosages, CBD has the potential to act as an agonist to multiple receptor sites, meaning that it functions in a manner similar to the surrounding chemicals that generally bind to the receptor, hence increasing the signalling of those receptor sites. At greater doses, however, an excessive amount of activity at the receptor site can have the opposite effect, negating the drug’s sound effects.

In 2019, the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry published one of the rare human experiments analyzing CBD’s anxiolytic effects, one of the few human trials conducted.

In this study, 57 males were randomly assigned to receive either CBD oil or a placebo before a public speaking engagement. In this study, physiological markers (such as blood pressure, heart rate, and so on) and a relatively accurate test for mood states known as the Visual Analog Mood Scale were used to assess anxiety levels (VAMS).

According to the researchers in the study, males who received 300 mg of CBD showed less anxiety than men who received a placebo.

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