Bulk CBD Oil Supplier

bulk CBD oil

Irish Gold CBD is a company based in Ireland that specializes in the supply of bulk CBD oil. We provide access to high-grade bulk cannabis compounds that are constant in their quality. Our extraction facility and lab, which are both based in Ireland, provide a variety of oils that are grown and extracted in Ireland. We produce a number of high-quality flagship oils that are always available for purchase on our website. We do full panel third-party testing on each product and maintain a traceable chain of custody for all of our products.

Still on the lookout for the ideal partner? Our lab can create unique cannabis compositions to match the specific needs of your business. Our sales team and professional lab scientists can assist you in determining which component is most appropriate for your needs.

CBD Products with a Private Label

We provide a diverse selection of completed products, as well as novel ingredient solutions and cutting-edge delivery technologies. Our private label program provides a continuous supply chain of CBD products manufactured in world-class facilities across Ireland.

Because it cooperates with several top hemp companies, including all of the essential hemp businesses in Europe, Irish Gold CBD also has a global footprint. Our knowledgeable team can assist you with the development of your CBD brand, from concept to finished product.

Our Nanotechnology Products are Unrivalled in the Industry

Its nanotechnology recipe, developed by Irish Gold CBD, is a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery method that is designed to optimize the performance of cannabis and hemp formulations in the human body. Our nanotechnology has a highly homogeneous dispersion of droplets with diameters less than 100nm, resulting in the highest possible bioavailability. Our products are backed by science, and they test accurately, ensuring that health-conscious consumers and healthcare professionals can anticipate greater openness.

As a standard, we provide several different types of CBD oil. We may, however, make our drops using a variety of carriers, such as olive kernel oil or black cumin seed oil, if you choose. The sole need here is that the page is composed of lipids or alcohol in order for the CBD to dissolve and be more easily absorbed by the human body when consumed. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is lipophilic while also being hydrophobic, which means that it dissolves in fat but not water. However, if you are not a fan of fatty carriers, we now have a new CBD product that is water-soluble. This makes it possible to quickly dissolve the CBD in ordinary water or your favourite beverage of choice.

Available There are a Variety of Flavours

We are also manufacturing flavoured CBD oil, which is already included in our usual product offering. We have a large selection of flavours that can be used in conjunction with your favourite CBD drop formulation. The most effective way to combine flavours is to use MCT carrier oil, which has a neutral flavour by itself. The strength of the taste can be customized to suit your preferences.

Professionals run this Establishment

Every stage of the process is essential to us, so we are happy to be a professional-owned and operated company. We are committed to offering a continuous supply of products and personalized service to the expanding marketplace. With your CBD goals in mind, we look forward to learning about your needs and delivering competitive pricing and product traceability, as well as ensuring that each client receives consistently high-quality bulk CBD oils.

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